Sponsor a weekly Shabbat Kiddush Farbrengen to mark an occasion that is special to you.

Occasions such as:

  • Yahrtzeit of a family member or in loving memory of a beloved friend
  • Your birthday or the birthday of a loved one
  • Your wedding anniversary or the wedding anniversary of a loved one
  • Any other significant life event of yours or of a loved one, to express gratitude in honor of a special occasion.


We offer the following Kiddush options:  

  • Basic- Pastries, Kugel, Cholent, Whisky, Soft drinks
  • Standard- Pastries, Kugel, Cholent, Whisky, Crackers, Dips, Soft drinks
  • Deluxe- Pastries, Kugel, Cholent, Whisky, Crackers, Dips, Challah, Fruit platters

If you wish to add specific food for the kiddush to the menu, please indicate on the form below.

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